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Production Assistant

Sebastian has joined our manufacturing team as our production assistant! With 10 years of fashion and retail experience and armed with a Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology at RMIT, Seb is ready to get making and fitting out our beautiful customers to help them look and feel their very best selves!

Sebastian comes from a long line of cobblers, tailors and makers. Seb is constantly inspired by his Chilean heritage and the men that he grew up with that shared their creativity and knowledge, inspiring him to develop his own passion and style and keep the family lineage of creativity and making going beyond his South American roots. Sebastian has harnessed his passion and love of making over the years to become a true crafter.

Seb specialises in leatherwork, tailoring, shoe making, corsetry, textile design, millinery and fashion technology. Seb takes inspiration from nature, alternative fashion, architecture, unconventional materials, and always draws from his Chilean roots in his creations.

Before joining the team, Seb had been working in the local fashion industry as a pattern maker and technician, where his interest in working with more difficult materials and designs was born. What also developed was a personal interest in making his own leather accessories. This inspired his own kink gear creations for play at home. Now he is ready to make it for our dear customers!

Born under the sign of Libra, Sebastian has great taste, an appreciation of style and the eye for detail that the beauty loving airy Libran heart is best known for. With an open mind and kind heart, Seb looks forward to dressing people up into their most authentic sexy selves.