Leather Workshop

In late 2015, Eagle Leather began a new step in our revolution: the time was right to begin leather production in house. Two months and a few big investments later, by February 2016 we had a beautifully decked out leather workshop with more machinery than you could poke a stick at, all operating from our Hoddle Street HQ. With everything set in place, talented leathermaker Hanna Tusler joined the Eagle Leather family.  Hanna joined us Bachelor of Fashion Design (with Honours) under her belt from RMIT, where she specialised in leatherwork, tailoring, lingerie, corsetry, illustration, drape and millinery. 

Since Hanna joined the team, the amount of leather we have in our range has skyrocketed, and we have become renowned for our high end gear, perfect stitching, and beautifully selected hides.  We are constantly developing new patterns and ideas and our leather business is growing quickly.  In 2022, after several years in development, we were also the first fetish store in Australia to release a plant-based vegan leather range. 

We now produce everything from wardrobe staples like leather jocks and harnesses, to high end pieces that intersect fetish and fashion, like our sailor front pants and long sleeve leather shirts.  The two designs we are probably best known for are our signature Utility Kilt and our heavy duty Eagle Leather Hoodie.  

It's important to us to keep the leather manufacturing traditions of Abbotsford alive, and we love the hyper-local approach where leather gear is produced less than 10 metres from where you purchase it.  The personalised service we are able to offer customers when they are able to come in and get fitted on site by our head of manufacturing is second to none.  About her passion for her tole here at Eagle Leather, Hanna says "leather making is a skill set and an industry that has a strong history in Australia and has been gradually disappearing so it's important that we try and keep it going."

Ethical sourcing of leather is also something that we are extremely passionate about. Most of the leather we source comes from Italy, Japan or South Korea. All of those producers make really high quality materials, have really high standards of welfare for their workers and they have high standards when it comes to the ecological impact of the runoff from the tanners. All of the animal products we use are animal by-products so the hides are from cows and sheep that are bred for food. None of these animals are bred solely for material, so nothing of the animal goes to waste.

Got any suggestions about things you'd like to see added to our range? Contact us and let us know!