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Many of you know Patrick through his active community involvement whether it be at bear, leather, latex or other queer events. He has a unique knack for breaking down walls and making you feel extremely comfortable with his easy going nature; and he is definitely one of the most welcoming, kind hearted, hilarious and genuine people we know!

Imported ca. 10 years ago, Patrick was lured down from the Austrian mountains to look for Skippy and the other bush kangaroos of Australia. However, he not only found them he also found bears and other interesting local flora and fauna.

In 2016 he won the title of Mr Australasia Bear and represented the bear community and the wider queer community. Diversity is near and dear to his heart and his passion is to make people happy in any way he can!

After a successful career in hospitality as pastry chef he changed careers a few years ago and is now a full-time barber and casual team member here at Eagle Leather!

He loves his cut throat business as much as he loves finally being a part of Eagle Leather, sharing his love of rubber, leather and sex positivity with anyone who is interested to experience a little more.