Our Team



Assistant Co-Manager

Joining us in 2021 as an Assistant Manager, Jay made his presence as part of our Eagle crew immediately known. Whether it was through heartfelt customer service interactions or hilarious TikTok videos, he gained a cult following amongst our customers very quickly. Growing up in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, Jay always wished to be one of the Care Bears so he could make the world a better place where everyone felt included and valued. Not much has changed but he did get older!

Jay is no stranger to the Eagle Leather Family, having been resident performer for Fantastic Party since its inception. He also has a wealth of customer service and sales experience under his belt from his time at Adidas and Crumpler. Our customers love his refreshing attitude and beautifully unique personality!

Originally trained in contemporary dance, Jay is passionate for people, conversation and sex positivity. As a wise, cone-bra woman once said, “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another”. Sexuality is something to be celebrated, explored and enjoyed, not feared or dismissed.

With over 15 years experience in the retail industry, Jay loves helping enhance all sexualities and curiosities with his amazing product knowledge and enthusiasm for all things at Eagle Leather. You may get some great unsolicited life advice while you’re at it too!