Sport Fucker Ergo Ball Stretcher Kit

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Here is the first ergonomically designed ball stretcher that your balls are going to love. These were designed to hug your ball sack as well as the base of your cock. Unlike other ball stretchers on the market these are soft and stretchy that don't squeeze your nuts too hard. These are made for a more long term wear.

We include two sizes at this great price in the kit, so no need to worry about what size you want. Wear the long wear the short or wear both for a tight fit it up to you.

The Regular is 30mm tall and the Large is 36mm tall, both with a 22mm inside diameter.

Safe for use with any lube.

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90 - 95cm

95 - 100cm

100 - 105cm

105 - 110cm

110 - 115cm

115 - 120cm

Customer Reviews

Not worth stretching the budget..


First day was perfect, every other day was increasingly pathetic. The feature 'stretchiness' is it's defining weakness. By the end of a week of use there was a hole in one and the second one looks like its going down the same path. Both have lost their ability to stretch within days of use. Overall disappointing.

(Posted on 3/01/2016) Review by Laconic

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