Cocksling 2 by Oxballs


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Oxballs creators say that the Cocksling 2 is "the absolute best cockring we ever made"

The original Cocksling is Oxballs' best selling toy, selling more in the past three years than all other toys they make combined. "There have been knock-offs, copies, but none have ever matched the feel, fit and look of the original."

The Cocksling 2 is a new design has more material in areas that get more stretch. The FLEX-TRP material has been changed to a new formula that is stronger but even more like silicone, and the openings have been reshaped so they fit even better.

Put one on and fuck. It cradles your nuts, grips the base of your dick keeping you rick-hard, and is pushes all you got up and out…the ergo shape with the anatomical channel under your dick allows you to piss while hard, and jizz without that “pinched” feeling a cockring can give.

If you have ever jacked-off laying in bed and wrapped your hand around the base of your cock and balls and squeezed, that’s the feeling this gives--it pumps up your balls and blimps out your cock makes em bigger, harder and makes every stroke more intense.

Note: Do Not Use Oil Based Lubes.

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Customer Reviews

My fault, but it was fun


I'm not going to blame the sling, I'm sure I or my partner misused it, but it did break on us, which was a shame as it was great fun until then and really stuck tight. It is fantastic, but I do wish that I still had it. But as I said, probably my fault that it broke as I'm new to this stuff

(Posted on 31/12/2017) Review by GuyWhoHasTimeToReviewSexToys
Great product and great quality


This product is comfortable to wear and is great quality. Provides a bit of a tug on your balls and keeps you nice and hard!

(Posted on 9/05/2017) Review by J


Wow! Very clever in the design of it's cock and ball hugging shape. Instantly hard within seconds of putting this on. Love!

(Posted on 26/03/2017) Review by Robbie
Best cockring I have ever worn


I can't speak more highly of this cockring. It just feels great to wear. I had the earlier model for years and years and it's true it did wear out a little, but for this price, I now have a spare still in its packet as well. Put this on with a little hybrid lube, silicone or just moisturiser. It just feels great.

(Posted on 13/03/2017) Review by Jason
Great product that lasts


This product provides great tug and moulding
10/10 would recommend !

(Posted on 9/10/2016) Review by Mick
Like a friend's hand in your pants


Gentlemen! This is a great product, which justifies its fame. It both feels good and looks good. The way it hugs and cradles your gear is gentle and firm at the same time. One of the best gifts you can give your cock AND your balls. It moulds to your body, so you can wear it all day long with no chafing, just constant comfort, helping you to keep your mind focussed on cock. Enhances your bulge too, if that's what you're into. Just do it, you'll be glad.

(Posted on 18/04/2016) Review by Stripjacknaked


Looks great and feels great.. Buy 2!

(Posted on 25/01/2016) Review by Andy
Awesome product


Very good quality product, the material that it is made out is very gentle on the skin, easy to get lube and other stuff off and feels great on 10/10 recommend

(Posted on 28/10/2015) Review by Michael
Amazing design and feel


This product provides the right amount of tug and compression on the shaft and the balls, it is a great device in helping keep a long hard erection during sex.

(Posted on 28/10/2015) Review by Mike


Hot as fuck! Highly recommend.

(Posted on 25/10/2015) Review by Ryan
Fun product


i love seeing this product on, it looks great.
it was a little difficult to put on the first time and figure out which way it goes but once it was on it was worth it.
Sub said it made him last longer and get harder, his balls were easy to access and noticeable more sensitive.
great quality and over all love

(Posted on 26/08/2015) Review by Miss Sunday
Fun and easy


I love to ware this. Cocksling
It's comfortable to ware. When fucking and keeps your. Balls a bit of a slight stretching.
Just use a little lube when putting it on takes a bit to get it on the first time but it's well worth the struggle.

(Posted on 23/08/2015) Review by Chris
Great quality that feels AMAZING!


This is a great product, wether you use it alone or with your partner to add that extra kink, it will be sure to please. Easy to use, feels great to give you that extra staying power & harder, longer erections. Great to enhance the sensitivity of the balls & sack. Overall a great product from an innovator in the cock & ball arena!

(Posted on 18/07/2015) Review by Nathan J.

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