Why We Love SquarePeg Toys

by Miss Pepper
Jul 26, 2018
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SquarePeg Toys continue lead the way in innovation and in setting trends in the world of toys - and that's why we believe they are the best brand of dildos on the global market. Their amazing toys are often imitated, but never duplicated! Since 1997, SquarePeg have been producing top quality large silicone toys for fetish and anal play, while most of their competitors were still producing toys from cheap vinyl.

Each SquarePeg shape begins as a unique, hand-sculpted model inspired from imagination with an eye towards what would make for great hole play.

All of SquarePeg's incredible toys are made in the USA with US produced silicone to ensure their products safety and quality.

Silicone toys vs. other materials - what's the difference?

Silicone is unsurpassed in its suitability for toys and we think SquarePeg’s SuperSoft bronze toys are the absolute best on the market. While Silicone is an expensive material for use in toys, it is also unmatched in its quality and safety for use. Silicone dildos will last in your toybox far longer than any other type of toy: they are far less prone to breakage, they won't crack on their own, and they also won't harden over time. They'll stand up to a lot more abuse than anything else you shove in your ass!

Silicone tends toward the firmer side when compared to “jelly” or sticky soft vinyl, but it is much softer than the harder vinyls used in a lot of the common phallic shapes.

Rubber, vinyl and PVC dildos can sometimes crack, break or shrink over time, plus we have found many people have an allergic reaction with some PVC based toys which causes stinging when they try to insert them anally.

Vinyl and PVC, although much cheaper than silicone, do not stand up to the test of time nearly as well when it comes to butt toys. The biggest drawback to vinyl is the way it is adversely affected by heat. SquarePeg's silicone formula will stand up to temperatures up to 400 °F / 204 °C without damaging the structural integrity of the toys - which is super helpful when you want to clean them!

Why are silicone toys more expensive?

The nature of Silicone (being a manufactured substance) makes it considerably more expensive than latex or vinyl as a raw material (upwards of 7 to 10 times more expensive). Casting silicone is also a labor intensive process and requires a certain level of technical know-how. But Silicone is unsurpassed in its quality and suitability to making toys, namely durability, sterility and imperviousness to water and oils, which more than justifies the expense.

Beware of other companies misrepresenting what they actually use - if it’s marked “Silicone” and the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Pure silicone lacks the odor you find with other, cheaper materials.

SquarePeg's SuperSoft Bronze Material

Square Peg's unique SuperSoft Bronze silicone was developed in 2006 and is completely unlike any other material we have felt. The bronze is soft, squishy and unmatched in its class and we are absolutely infatuated with it! It's soft enough to feel great in your butt, but hard enough to offer good control and easy hands-free play.

Silicones are a continually developing field and as silicone technology improves, SquarePeg is always on the leading edge to implement the best the industry has to offer.

Cleaning Your SquarePeg Toys

SquarePeg toys are incredibly easy to clean - the best way is to stand your toy upright on a grate in a tall pot (don't sit them directly on the pot as heat could build up and damage the toy or the pot). They should have water freely flowing around them at all times as well. These toys are also completely dishwasher safe, but again, due to their insulative qualities, ensure you keep them upright so they don’t pick up any impressions from the racks.

Another way to clean them is by giving them a 10 minute soak in a 10% bleach solution. Just be sure the toys are free of lube first. This is not a good method for silicone lube covered toys as it maintains a film on the toy - but you are better off using a water-based or oil-based lube with silicone toys anyway.

What lube should I use?

Scott from SquarePeg recommends a mix of water-based lube and oil-based vegetable shortening as the best type of lube to use with his toys. But he says that all water-based lubes, oil-based lubes and J-Lube are safe to use with his toys.

Research into use of silicone lubes with silicone based toys suggests that damage may occur, but there have been no reports to that effect with SquarePeg's toys as yet. Scott explains, "there are all types of silicone and new silicone lube formulas are coming out every year, so offering a blanket statement that silicone toys and silicone lubes are eternally compatible would be erroneous. I personally don’t prefer silicone lubes simply because I cannot ever get it all off once play is over and it prevents thorough cleaning."

Scott recommends testing any new lube for compatibility by testing it on the base of your toy, and leaving some lube on it for a few days.

Need we say more?

We've recently expanded our SquarePeg range to meet your demand to only put the best things up your butt. Stay tuned as we continue to increase our SquarePeg range over the coming months.

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