Nuru massage has been gaining popularity in recent years. It's relaxing, reduces tension, stress and anxiety.

Nuru Massage: A Beginners Guide

by Eagle Leather
Apr 14, 2024
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Nuru massage has been gaining popularity in recent years. It's relaxing, reduces tension, stress and anxiety.

There's been so much talk and hype about Nuru Massage lately - not to mention features in porn! One of the most common questions we get asked in store is "What is Nuru Massage?" and "How do I give a Nuru Massage?"

Nuru Massage - What Is It?

Nuru massage is a type of sexual massage that has it's origins in Kawasaki, Japan. The difference between regular massage and Nuru massage is that where in normal massage one uses their hands, in Nuru they use their whole body! The word "Nuru" in Japanese means slippery - and it sure is! When you cover both your body and your partner's body in this gel, the feeling of the two bodies rubbing together can be very arousing and fun!

Why is Nuru Massage so popular?

Nuru has been gaining popularity in recent years! This is probably because of the many varied ways it can be used and benefits.

Some people think that Nuru massage is purely sexual in nature (and it definitely can be). However, Nuru massage can also be incredibly relaxing and reduce tension, stress and anxiety.

Nuru massage is also excellent for people with skin sensitivities and allergies; because Nuru gels do not use the oils and other substances that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Nuru is generally considered to be safe and non-toxic.

However, if you, like most people, are looking for Nuru massage for sexual pleasure, then you're definitely in for a fun ride! Nuru massage is amazing in many ways, both for the sexual pleasure and the unique sensations involved. As people look to expand their sexual horizons, more people are looking to try out this fun and interesting new take on a sensual massage.

The other reason it's becoming more popular is because it is more widely available than it used to be. Previously only available predominantly in Japan, Nuru has now hit the Australian scene, and always ahead of the curve, Eagle Leather is now one of the largest stockists of Nuru in Australia. We have a lot of huge fans of this product amongst our customer base. Why not give it a go?!

Does it smell?

No! The gel, which is derived from seaweed, has no odour and generally no colour.

Nuru Gel vs Nuru Powder - Which is better?

Should you buy the premixed massage gel, or the powdered version? Both are excellent, and there are pros and cons to each.

The Gel is a great choice because it's convenient, you don't need time or space to prepare or mix it - it's just ready to go! Also, because it's premixed, you know exactly what consistency you're getting for every session. A pro tip from our customers is to sprinkle a little water onto the body first, to loosen up the gel for a more slippery experience!

The Powder is the more common choice and there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it's very economical and secondly, it makes the nuru experience more customisable because you can mix the powder to your exact personal desired consistency. Additionally, the small size of the powder containers make them ideal for frequent travellers or for fitting in your toy bag!

The quality of the nuru gel is also very important. Be sure to seek a water-based gel that is free from harmful chemicals. Authentic nuru gels will generally be seaweed based so check the ingredients list.

A slipper wet Nuru massage experience.

How do I give a Nuru Massage?

First you decide whether you prefer to buy the premixed massage gel, or the powdered version. Once you have your product, you're ready to go. If you've got the powder, be sure to mix it up ahead of time so it has time to settle and reach the desired consistency. If you've purchased the gel, you don't need to plan too far in advance.

1. Set the Scene

Make the space romantic - whatever that means to you! A bath or some champagne before hand can help relax mind and body. Candles can set the mood.

Also, make it functional! Remember that full body massage can be messy. You can use a waterproof sheet or an inflatable massage sheet to protect your bedding, both these products make clean up a cinch!

Be sure your nuru formula is at room temperature. If you're using the gel, you can rest it in warm water for a few minutes to increase the temperature.

2. Apply Liberally

Use plenty of gel for the best experience! More gel = more slippery = more orgasmic! You can also use a bit of water to reduce the consistency of the gel, if you prefer. Internal hydration is helpful too - staying hydrated can maintain skin moisture and reduce friction while giving or receiving nuru massage.

3. Play around and Experiment

Try out different ways to massage that you and your partner might enjoy. You could start with your hands, then expand to using other parts of your body to give the massage. Use your arms to support you while you slide your body all over your partner's. Be inventive, using interesting parts of your body like your nipples, elbows, back and butt! Different strokes and pressures can create very different sensations. Communication is important since everyone has different tastes!

4. Clean Up

All Nuru gels we sell are authentic and water-based, so they will clean up easily with warm water!


Here are some common issues with Nuru massage, and how to resolve them:

Clumping: One of the main ingredients in Nuru gel is Sodium Polyacrylate which expands in water rather than dissolving and can create this issue. Try to avoid clumping as you add powder to the water by gently sprinkling the powder, one tablespoon at a time, over the water and thoroughly mixing it in. If you use a wider surface area, the clumping will be reduced, as compared to a more narrow bottle or the like. If you do experience clumping, don't stress too much,as the clumping will dissipate over time.

Colour variation: Most nuru gel is clear, although some of it may have an orange/yellow tinge. This is nothing to be concerned about. It is due to the additions of some ingredients, such as Camellia sinesis Leaf (Green Tea Extract). To reduce the yellow colour, you can shake up the mixture immediately before use which should dissipate the ingredients and reduce the tint.

Stickiness: Some customers have mentioned gel stickiness when they first play with Nuru gel. In all cases, we have found that once they followed our suggestion of putting some water on the skin before application (or into the gel mixture itself), the stickiness disappeared completely, and the experience was elevated!

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