BDSM in Melbourne: Hanky Episode on Joy 94.9

BDSM in Melbourne: Hanky Episode on Joy 94.9

by Eagle Leather
Mar 01, 2024
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BDSM in Melbourne: Hanky Episode on Joy 94.9

As we look forward to Hanky: Dark Pink, the Hide and Seek team caught up with event organiser James as they explored nipple fanatics, tit torturers, and those who flag dark pink.

They also explore some of the more problematic (and thankfully retired) hanky codes. Jon, Michael and Craig explore their own hanky faves – and get into the nitty gritty about the titty!

You can have a listen to the podcast over at Joy 94.9.

What is the Hanky party?

Hanky's mission is to create a depraved, surreal & safe inclusive meeting place for Australia's queer kinksters to meet and play.

Each event explores and celebrates a different fetish/kink through the lense of BDSM however the overall theme of Hanky is always a well-equipped dungeon.

What is the Hanky code?

The Hanky Code, also known as flagging, is a longstanding tradition and means of communicating sexual preferences within the LGBTQIA+ community by wearing a specific colour of hanky on either your left or right side.

Placing a hanky in the left pocket indicates a top/dominant role, while a hanky in the right pocket indicates a bottom/submissive role.

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