From Catalogs to Kinks: Understanding Underwear

From Catalogs to Kinks: Understanding Underwear

by Emilio Lanera
Aug 23, 2023
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From Catalogs to Kinks: Understanding Underwear


Like every young gay boy, I remember walking along the underwear aisles in Target or K-mart and being mesmerised by the male models on the packages who were showing off their own package in a tight-fitting pair of trunks or y-fronts. On the way out I would be sure to pick up a catalogue so I could take these fine men home with me. At first young naive me tried to convince myself the reason I was so fascinated by these men was because I wanted to be them, but eventually, I was honest with myself and admitted that I just liked staring at their bulges. Their thick hefty bulges.

As I got older I did discover the wonderful world of porn, however, what bothered me was they would get naked really quickly or be naked at the very start of the video. While I am not opposed to seeing naked men I also really like seeing them in their underwear. Just like the younger me, the current me likes looking at guys' bulges and the brief lines that curve around on a guy's butt. The act of taking off someone's underwear is also really arousing. Watching one guy slowly pulling them down and seeing a nice firm cock bounce out is way more of a turn-on than seeing a dick straight away.

Even in my own sexual experiences I much prefer a guy to send a picture of his bulge first when I’m talking to them on Grindr or let me touch him while he's still wearing his underwear. I also like grinding on each other for a bit with our underwear on before we get naked because I like the feel of the material against my skin.

Acknowledging how sexual underwear could be I started venturing away from my good old Bonds trunks and trialling new styles to see if they made me more or less aroused. Over time, I have found that regarding what type of underwear I personally like to wear or see other guys wear I’m not too fussed. Each type has its own benefits, which I will happily point out for anyone else who is looking to dive further into the world of underwear.

Sniffing jockstraps.



The first pair of underwear that I bought that wasn’t a pair of trunks was a G-string. There wasn’t any real reason why, other than it was the first pair I saw in a sex store I walked into. One of the obvious benefits of a g-string is that not only does it show off your bulge but it also shows off your ass as the only fabric on the back is the piece that goes between your cheeks.

For some this bit of fabric at the back might be uncomfortable, but personally, I find the discomfort a bit of a turn-on. Also when a guy bends over and his g-string pokes out from his pants is always a pleasant sight.

G-strings can also be very practical. If you are wearing a pair of tight pants and don’t want the brief lines of your underwear showing, wearing a g-string can help remove that problem.


Similar to a thong, a jockstrap really accentuates your package while also showing off your ass, only this time there is no fabric between your cheeks. Jockstraps can be really fun to wear during sex because for bottoms you can still feel the fabric rub against you and for tops straddling onto the waistband is a subtle move that can make you feel a little bit more dominant during sex.

Similar to seeing a thong poking out from the top, seeing the waistband of a jockstrap peeking out from the top of the straps hanging out from the leg holes of a guy's pants put a really hot image in your head. Also, jockstraps are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to strut around in a pair of chaps as the straps sit under the leg sleeves to give the appearance of a bare ass.

Since jockstraps were originally made for athletes to wear, you can also wear them during your own gym or sporting sessions, or you could use the sporty appeal of the underwear to fulfil your own locker room fantasy.


Briefs are a classic and reliable pair of undies. You are always guaranteed to get a hot bulge or booty pic in a good-fitting pair and feeling the material rub against all your parts while you fool around with a guy is really arousing.

A pair of cotton briefs is usually good enough for me, but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can always get a sexy latex pair. Who knows, a latex pair might open your mind to other kinks or sexual fantasies?

For me, latex briefs remind me of the hot wrestlers I used to watch on TV grappling each other. I would always be envious of the guys whose heads ended up between the legs of another wrestler as they would be lucky enough to feel the latex bulge against the back of their neck.


Speaking of wrestling, lately seeing guys in wrestling suits has become a bit of a turn-on for me. I know this one is not technically underwear, but the idea of roughhousing around with a guy in a wrestling suit sounds like a good time to me.


Now tighty-whities may seem like a lame choice, as they are often associated with nerds in the 1980s who often had them yanked over their heads by the school bully. But the nerdy aura of tighty-whities is what makes them so hot.

You can play out some hot nerd/bully or coach/player role-plays with tighty-whities. The act of ripping tighty-whities off someone else or having someone rip your pair to shreds can be really hot. But I recommend buying a cheap pair because you don’t want to be ruining your good pair of Eagle Leather jocks.

Even though they may not be as sexy to look at compared to thongs, jockstraps or briefs, tighty-whities are definitely the most comfortable, and you can wear them for everyday purposes as well as to live out any school-related sexual fantasies you might have.


Blog image photography by Alex Dubois and curated by Carlos Mantilla. Model: hotboiyo.

Emilio Lanera is a freelance writer based in Melbourne. He has contributed to publications such as The Guardian, Star Observer and Punkee. Emilio enjoys writing about anything that helps break down stigmas or gives a voice to marginalised groups.

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