Vividress Latex Dressing Aid - 250ml

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VIVIDRESS is the ideal dressing aid for all latex and rubber clothing. Made by the same people that make Vivishine, which is widely regarded as the best latex polish on the market!

Vividress is friendly to the skin and very viscous which helps make dressing up in your favourite rubber that much easier.

This is how easy it is: apply VIVIDRESS directly from the bottle with the dosing head to the inside of your latex or rubber clothing. Distribute the liquid evenly by gently gliding the latex against itself.

In addition, you can apply VIVIDRESS directly onto your skin in parts where the latex is particularly tight. This is ideal when wearing larger items such as stockings, leggings, long sleeves, catsuits and surf suits. Rub VIVIDRESS all over your body wherever the latex will be sitting, and all over the inside of your rubber, and then proceed to get in your gear!

  • Easy fitting of latex and rubber clothing
  • Caring properties for latex and rubber
  • Solvent-free and odorless
  • Increases the brilliance of transparent latex
  • Oil and fat free

For more information about how to best care for your rubber, check out our Latex Care Guide.

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Customer Reviews

Really Helps


A friend has a latex military dress which has always been tricky to get on and off. The dressing aid makes it so much easier and is a very useful addition to my latex family.

(Posted on 14/06/2018) Review by Amant de Latex
So shiny, lots of staying power


When I had my pink catsuit shined up with this product recently at a latex party I was so impressed at how shiny it was and stayed slick and gloss all night, even days later it still looks awesome. I am certainly buying more of this product to use on all my latex collection.

Thank you. Stay shiny!!

(Posted on 25/08/2016) Review by LatexCassandra
So shiny, lots of staying power


When I had my pink catsuit shined up with Vivishine at the latex party recently I was so impressed with how shiny it came and couldn't keep my hands off it, loving how slick and glossy it was. I'll certainly buy some more for my latex collection.

(Posted on 25/08/2016) Review by LatexCassandra

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