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What is J-Lube?

J-Lube is a popular water-based lube formula supplied in powder form, and you mix it to the consistency you want. J-Lube can be used on its own, but is often used with Crisco in fisting sessions to make the passage more slippery.

J-Lube is safe for sure with condoms, latex gloves and dildos. It is a 25% polyethylene powder with 75% dextrose, and when mixed with water, J-Lube is great for inserting hands or any other large objects!

Just 100g of J-Lube powder makes approximately 750mls of thick lube or 1.75 litres of thin lube, making it very economical. This 284g bottle of J-Lube works out to $15.84 per 100g, so you're effectively getting up to 4.97 litres of lube from this $45 bottle.

Great J-Lube Recipes Recommended by Eagle Leather Customers

J-Lube Dildo/Standard Use Recipe
What you'll need: 1/8 cup of J-Lube powder, 1 1/2 cups of water
Blender Method: Using a blender, pour in water and with the motor operating slowly add the powder. This will produce a very thick mix, which is the best way to begin mixing it. You can then add more water until you have produced the desired consistency.
Cakemixer Method: Using a cakemixer, take 100g of J-Lube and slowly sprinkle it on 1.2L of cold water with the motor running. When the recipe is well mixed, leave it overnight and any lumps will dissolve. More water can then be added for a thinner lube.

J-Lube and Crisco Super Recipe - Version 1
What you'll need: 1/4 cup of J-Lube, 1/4 cup of water, 3lb can of Crisco
Method: Mix J-Lube with 1/4 cup of water, then mix this with half of the Crisco can in a food processor (or by hand), then add the rest of the Crisco and mix it again. Refrigerate or freeze.

J-Lube and Crisco Super Recipe - Version 2
What you'll need: 1lb can of Crisco, 2 tablespoons of J-Lube, 12 tablespoons of water
Method: Beat the Crisco with the mixer. Add the J-Lube and water and beat well.

J-Lube Fisting Recipe
What you'll need:1 heaped tablespoon psyllium fibre (available at chemists and health food stores), 1 slightly heaped tablespoon of J-Lube, 3/4 cup of water
Method: Mix all three ingredients and continue adding more of any ingredient until desired consistency is achieved.

Menthol J-Lube
Put 1 large tablespoon of menthol crystals in a pan containing one litre of very hot water. Simmer the mixture until the crystals melt. Whip the mix and refrigerate it. Once cold, filter the mixture through a paper towel to remove any crystals, and then follow the above J-Lube Dildo/Standard Use Recipe with the menthol mixture used in place of water.

Frozen J-Lube Cubes
Try Frozen J-Lube cubes for an extra thrill! Make half spheres and join them together after they freeze by adding a little unfrozen J-Lube and sticking them together, then refreeze. This is a very useful and easy application, but ensure you do not insert the cubes until the thawing has commenced and the balls are slippery and soft on the outside.

How to Apply J-Lube

J-Lube can be applied in the same way as any other lube. It works best when stored in a plunger dispenser which also prevents contamination of the lube.

You can also put J-Lube powder in a sprinkle jar and sprinkle the area you wish to lubricate, then dip your fingers in water or use a spray to create a mix on the spot.

Water-based lubes can begin to dry out when used for extended periods. If this happens while using J-Lube, the best approach is to dip your fingers in water or use a water spray on the area which will get things lubed again. This is much easier than having to re-apply as you do with other lubes.

How to Clean Up J-Lube

J-Lube is easily removed with water but the addition of a small amount of table salt can also assist more rapidly.

J-Lube Storage

J-Lube works best when stored in the fridge or freezer. If you make small quantities, just store it in the fridge. J-Lube also freezes well, the best way to do this is to pour portions into plastic cups and freeze it. Freezing and thawing J-Lube before use also helps eliminate lumps. Thawed J-Lube will have a thicker consistency than before the mixture was frozen.

Not sure if this lube is right for you, or want some more information on the types of lube available and their pros and cons? Check out our recommendations in the Eagle Leather Lube Guide.

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Customer Reviews

#1 Lube


A bit annoying to mix in the right proportions but works so well! Microwaving in a ceramic bowl til it starts to boil over then letting it cool works well for me.

(Posted on 26/08/2019) Review by scarletbird
Great Lube


I have been using J-lube for nearly ten years as i have trained my asshole for fisting. My only let down is it can dry up, but thats nothing more lube cant fix. All in all its slick and make for an incredible sensation when there is no friction to stop that fist going deeper.

(Posted on 15/05/2019) Review by Mr Girth


Product is a little hard to mix found using a stick mixer makes easy work. Great product and will buy and use ot again

(Posted on 8/05/2017) Review by peter
The Best.


I have tried many lubes while using my large toys and none can compare to the durability and slipperiness of J Lube. The time spent on preparing the lube is time well spent and fairly easy to do. I love the fact that I control the texture of the lube, so I can get it just right for me. Highly recommend to all big toy users and if you are into fisting, it won't disappoint.

(Posted on 15/10/2016) Review by Nick

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