BON4 Stainless Steel Chastity Device - Large


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Check out this new innovative design from chastity masters BON4.

This secure and nicely designed cage is suited to longer penises.

The redesigned cock and ball backrings (CBRs) cause no or very little bit of pinching. The kit features a large variety of backrings to choose from, because a well fitting ring is essential in offering security and comfort. Chastity play can be such a pleasure, but only with a well functioning device.

Once caged you will be controlled and one way or another forced into submission. Get aroused by the teasing and orgasm denial yet stay focused and devoted to your Keyholder.

This BON4M can be worn 24/7 under all circumstances. However, if you are less experienced, we advise to extend the days of wearing such a device slowly.

Product Features
  • Stainless steel designer cage
  • Overall assembled length: 4.33″
  • Internal cage length: 3.35″
  • Cage opening diameter: 1.50″
  • 7 Different sizes of stainless CBR’s (cock and ball rings) : 1.57″, 1.65″, 1.73″, 1.81″, 1.89″, 1.97″ and 2.05″
  • 3 Different sizes of stainless steel locking pins
  • 2 different sizes of spacers
  • Specially designed stainless steel padlock
  • Black velvet pouch
  • 5 unique numbers laser-engraved on the cage. These numbers are kept in our database and guarantee our customers an original BON4.
  • Weight specification (assuming one uses the BON4ML cage with an average CBR and locking pin): cage (4.48 oz) + 1.89″ CBR (2.75 oz) + locking pin (0.42 oz) + padlock (0.92 oz) = total 8.57 oz / 243 gr.

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