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  • Fantastic: The Party - Tickets Available Now
  • Fantastic: The Party - Tickets Available Now
  • Fantastic: The Party - Tickets Available Now

Latex Clothing

Eagle Leather is Australia's best place to shop for latex fetish clothing. Our huge range of latex clothing is made both locally and in Europe, with an equally large selection of both men's and women's gear. We select on the highest quality latex clothes and our in store rubber room is renowned the world over.

Leather Clothing

Our leather fetish clothing is designed and made right here in Melbourne, and has become synonymous with the leather fetish scene in Australia. We are known for our high quality leather and our unique designs that are considered the pinnacle of leather man look.

Bondage Gear

Eagle Leather is also well known for it's large and extensive range of bondage gear and equipment. Our bondage and BDSM gear and bondage equipment range is made locally in Melbourne and imported from around the world. We stock everything from extreme BDSM equipment to mild bondage toys.

Male Sex Toys

Eagle Leather has always had a strong focus on male sex toys, specialising in cock rings, ball stretchers, sounds and urethral toys, prostate stimulators, male masturbators and much more.

Do penis pumps really work?

We are here to tell you "Yes they do"! Eagle Leather stocks advanced pumping systems that get results. Many of our customers have achieved incredible penis growth results by using our penis pumps.

Anal Toys

Eagle Leather also specialises in anal toys, in particular butt plugs and huge dildos. Our ass toys are very creatively made and unique in design.

Pick Of The Week

Tenga Vacuum Controller Starter Pack

At long last, Tenga enters the sex machine market with the Tenga Vacuum Controller - a suction adapter for converting your favourite Tenga cup into a powerful vacuum pump. By simply pressing the "release" button you can adjust the pressure of the vacuum. When these arrived at our office everyone was impressed by the strength of the suction and the quiet operation. As with most Tenga toys, they can be a little confusing if you are unfamiliar with the way they work, but we can assure you - nothing compares to the Tenga sensation and this new vacuum controller take their cups to the next level. Completely mind blowing masturbation!

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