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Latex Clothing

Eagle Leather is Australia's best place to shop for latex fetish clothing. Our huge range of latex clothing is made both locally and in Europe, with an equally large selection of both men's and women's gear. We select on the highest quality latex clothes and our in store rubber room is renowned the world over.

Leather Clothing

Our leather fetish clothing is designed and made right here in Melbourne, and has become synonymous with the leather fetish scene in Australia. We are known for our high quality leather and our unique designs that are considered the pinnacle of leather man look.

Bondage Gear

Eagle Leather is also well known for it's large and extensive range of bondage gear and equipment. Our bondage and BDSM gear and bondage equipment range is made locally in Melbourne and imported from around the world. We stock everything from extreme BDSM equipment to mild bondage toys.

Male Sex Toys

Eagle Leather has always had a strong focus on male sex toys, specialising in cock rings, ball stretchers, sounds and urethral toys, prostate stimulators, male masturbators and much more.

Do penis pumps really work?

We are here to tell you "Yes they do"! Eagle Leather stocks advanced pumping systems that get results. Many of our customers have achieved incredible penis growth results by using our penis pumps.

Anal Toys

Eagle Leather also specialises in anal toys, in particular butt plugs and huge dildos. Our ass toys are very creatively made and unique in design.

Pick Of The Week

Filler Funnel Plug by Oxballs

AT LAST! Fulfill your darkest frat boy fantasies by turning your butthole into the ultimate beer or piss bong. Nothin’ gets our juices flowin’ more than the glug glug glug sound of piss fillin’ up a hungry hole.

The plug is made from firm but flexible silicone and the flared tip and tapered shape lock nice and snug in your guts. The funnel is something right out of your Daddy’s garage and looks fuckin’ hot slowly filling to the brim with piss, beer, or lube.

Best of all, each FILLER has clear vinyl tubing so you can watch your piss or beer loads drain and fill him to burstin.

Of course it took OXBALLS to deliver a quality piss plug with an attached funnel that feels this GOOD.

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