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Latex is a natural product which reacts very sensitively to fats, oils and various types of metal. Fats and oils can soften and decompose the latex and, in the worst cases, lead to cracking or the so-called "latex cancer". In order to make your latex last a long time, you must clean and care for the garment after each time you wear it.

Viviclean offers intensive cleaning, disinfecting and careful treatment of the latex. It is very skin-friendly and dermatologically tested!

After a night out in your rubber, wash your garments in lukewarm water (30-40 degrees) using VIVICLEAN. Soak and wash your latex gently by hand for one minute, then thoroughly rinse your garments with fresh water.

For heavy soiling and rubber odours, you can also soak your latex in Viviclean for up to 30 minutes for maximum cleaning and disinfecting.

As a dosage, we recommend using approx. 15-20 ml per wash in a few liters of water. If the latex is dressed with a lot of VIVIDRESS or VIVISHINE, a second wash may be recommended. For further care, use VIVISHINE and retain the long-lasting shine.

  • Microbiologically disinfects and antibacterial
  • Thorough cleaning and latex cleaning
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Dye- and perfume-free
  • odor-neutralizing

For more information about how to best care for your rubber, check out our Latex Care Guide.

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Easy to use

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