Vivishine Fresh Up Wipes - 10 Pack


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This brand new product from the latex masters at Vivishine is the perfect way to freshen up your shine at parties, photoshoots and out and about.

High gloss polished latex tends to attract dust when under other clothing or rubbing up against anything. Vivishine have come up with this unique solution: the smallest polishing station in the world! Vivishine Fresh Up wipes optimize your latex shine and refresh it with a simple wipe.

The package contains ten air-tight wrapped single-use towels, soaked in Vivishine and ready for single use.

Simply tear open the single pack at the upper end, remove the soaked cloth and unfold it. Then wipe directly and without pressure over your rubber. The cloth absorbs any lint and wets the latex surface with a fine film for beautiful shine. One cloth is often enough for two people, or multiple uses in one night if you store it back in the foil packaging.

Ingredients: Polidimethylsiloxane, pectins, Sontara cloth.

For more information about how to best care for your rubber, check out our Latex Care Guide.

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