Tubular Testicle Electrode


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The tubular electrodes are based on the same concept as Electro-Flex™. The fundamental principals behind all Erotic Electro Stimulation is a proper generating source, a proper delivery source, and proper focusing of the electro-stimuli. This Tubular Electrode incorporates these principals beautifully and is extremely functional.

The Testicle Tubular Electrode is truly a breakthrough in the technology of Erotic Electro Stimulation. Specifically designed to conform to the soft tissue mass of the scrotum sack, while at the same time encapsulating each testicle separately. The unique design snugly encompasses the scrotum sack, lifting and separating each testicle. The pressure that you apply while adjusting actually gives precise focusing of the Erotic Electro Stimulation to your most sensitive areas while, maximizing the erotic sensation.

This is a singular electrode which must be used in conjunction with another to complete the erotic electro circuit.

The Testicle Tubular Electrode is an adjustable electrode allowing a custom fit on your individual anatomy. With Mr. Amore’s new design, you simply remove the connecting contact, and using a pair of scissors, cut through the conductive material. Once the Electro-Flex™ material is cut to the desired length, reassemble the connecting contact.

Lubrication: Lubrication plays an important part of the effectiveness of the Testicle Tubular electrode. When applying this electrode, throughly lubricate the scrotum sack. Grab above each testicle making sure that the scrotum skin is pulled smoothly around each of the testicles. Slip one testicle at a time through the conductive loops, then tighten each loop individually. Once this procedure is done, you may move the locking "O" ring in place to ensure a snug fit. This electrode, must be lubricated thoroughly prior to applying, so that the conductive testicle loops move freely through the silicone platform base.

Once this is done, you may move the locking "O" ring towards the top of the connecting contact at the end of the conductive material. We also recommend the liberal use of Electrode Gel on both your genitalia and the electrode itself. This will assist in maintaining good contact and will enhance your sensations.

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