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The P.E.S. Tubular Base Ring is designed to stimulate the very root of the penile shaft, acting as a focus for intense stimulation in combination with other electrodes.

Baby brother to the Tubular Base Ring, the P.E.S. Tubular Mid-Ring is designed to stimulate at various different points along the penile shaft, giving a balancing effect to the stimulation when used in combination with various different electrodes.

The Base Ring acts as a focus for the Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) being delivered to the Electrode being used in circuit with the Base Ring. For example, when used with the P.E.S. Prostate Stimulator, the Base Ring intensifies the sensations delivered to the prostate. The Base Ring is designed to be used at the root of the penile shaft, behind the scrotum around both the penile shaft and scrotal sac, in a very similar manner to an ordinary cock ring.

Constructed of our Electro-Flex™ tubing with a brass connection point that allows the Ring to be opened up for application and adjustment for each individual, the Base Ring is a very versatile electrode.

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Customer Reviews

Very intense!


I generally like to have one large one at the base of cock and balls and one cut smaller to size to fit around the corona. Really strong sensations!!!

(Posted on 4/04/2017) Review by Pete

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