Triple Score by Square Peg Toys


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We love this knobbly new design from SquarePeg Toys! About this creation, Square Peg owner Scott says:

"Here’s a design I’ve been kicking around the studio for a while now, playing with it, modifying it, trying it out again, all to get the proportions and bumps to do what they are supposed to do: target the 3 major sensory areas in my hole all at the same time when fully sat upon. The tip is designed to enter into the Sigmoid and stimulate that 3rd ring deep inside me, while the hump works on the second ring and the ball at the base works my hole and presses on my prostate. A win-win-win in my book. The product testing and development on this one has been a blast to say the least! Note my asymmetrical design so you can turn it to allow for better control, especially when it comes to the tip and the third ring."

Product Specifications
Overall Height: 13"
Sigmoid Bulb #1 (top): 5 1/2" Circumference
Sigmoid Bulb #2 (second): 6 1/2" Circumference
Second Spincter Bulb (third): 8 3/4" Circumference
Prostate Bulb (bottom): 9 1/2" Circumference

Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 30.5cm
Total Length: 31.5cm
Circumference (widest point): 22cm

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