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As the original ones introduced in 2008 have proven to be so popular, SquarePeg have released their new ToolBits™ in their revolutionary new SuperSoft silicone in a lustrous silver.

These new release Tool Bits (sold individually) are even softer and more squirmy, allowing the creation of shapes with more texture, but without them being overly rough to play with. Bend easily through PA holes for a unique look. 100% Platinum Silicone for the ultimate in safety. You can boil, bleach or autoclave these without harm.

As with any of the SuperSoft store away from other items that might contain plasticizers like vinyl or rubber.


Measurements are listed as: L = length, S = shaft diameter, P = plug, or largest diameter.

A: LENGTH 2″ • SHAFT 1/4″ • PLUG 3/8″
B: LENGTH 2 1/2″ • SHAFT 5/16″ • PLUG 7/16″
C: LENGTH 2 1/2″ • SHAFT 3/8″ • PLUG 7/16″
D: LENGTH 2 1/2″ • SHAFT 1/2″ • PLUG 5/8″

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90 - 95cm

95 - 100cm

100 - 105cm

105 - 110cm

110 - 115cm

115 - 120cm

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