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A new type of stretch toy based on the Slink’s® trademark taper, the Slink Stretch offers a unique play experience for those into stretch or training for bigger and bigger. About this toy, Square Peg owner Scott says:

"Jumping off from the 2x size, the “Stretch” series has been retooled for targeted play so that the overall length has been shortened putting that extra mass into the plug portion, maximizing the stretch and minimizing the impact of depth. Keeping some of the taper was important as it helps to keep the toy threaded in your hole while you bounce on it and get maximum enjoyment of the stretch. The necks were kept thick to promote that gape so many at this level of play seek.

This fits the bill for a cone type mega stretch toy so prevalent in many product lines, but does it in a way that is uniquely SquarePeg: aggressive stretch, but in a form and trademark SuperSoft material that is FUNctional.


Slink Stretch #1
Overall Height: 17″
Max Stretch: 12 1/4″ Circumference
Neck Gape: 9″ Circumference

Slink Stretch #2
Overall Height: 17″
Max Stretch: 14″ Circumference
Neck Gape: 9 1/2″ Circumference

Slink Stretch #3
Overall Height: 18″
Max Stretch: 16″ Circumference
Neck Gape: 11″ Circumference

Please note: Each size of the Slink Stretch (#1, #2 and #3 are sold individually). The Slink 2XL is sold separately and is only shown in the image for comparison purposes.

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