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These new and improved Squarepeg sounds are made from the same great silicone used in all their toys. Silicone is suited very well for this type of toy because it can be sterilized safely without compromising its integrity. The sounds are also a great testament to the integrity of silicone as a material…. you won’t find these being made in any other material.

Silicone can be autoclaved or processed in a pressure cooker safely without melting the product.

This revised design features gentle entry tapered tips and generously long length.

Each rod is made up of 2 different sizes, the smaller of which is from the tip to mid-point, then a slight taper up to the next increment which is held all the way to the base. Each rod is marked with its sizes on the square base.

18/20: LENGTH 15″ • SHAFT 1/4″
22/25: LENGTH 15″ • SHAFT 5/16″
27/30: LENGTH 15″ • SHAFT 3/8″
37/40: LENGTH 15″ • SHAFT 1/2″
47/50: LENGTH 15″ • SHAFT 5/8″
57/60: LENGTH 15″ • SHAFT 3/4″

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90 - 95cm

95 - 100cm

100 - 105cm

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110 - 115cm

115 - 120cm

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