Happy Puppy Tail by SquarePeg

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Price From: $99.00

Please note, the XS size tail is pre-order only.

Built to be as comfortable and as effective as possible, to allow any pup to better communicate with its owner, this Puppy Tail Plug has been designed in an egg shape with a narrow base to help it lock in place making it more comfortable for long term wear. The base of the plug incorporates "The Anvil Design", which acts both to help keep the tail as upright as possible as well as function as a fulcrum to make wagging your tail up and down as simple as clenching your hole.

This plug has been recently redesigned to feature a slight ridge to aid in it staying in better, and a bit of flair has been added to the tip of the tail as well, adding to it’s bounce and giving it a distinct look.

The silicone is springy and wiggles easily with any body movement. The length and curve of the tail makes it possible to wear standing up too with just a small hole to push the tail through your shorts or pants.

100% Silicone throughout for durability. Tails are not designed to be sat upon directly.

These tails are generally considered to be the best on the market by most of the pup community and certainly by us in store! Highly recommended.

XS Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 6cm
Total Length: 34cm
Circumference (widest point): 10cm

Small Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 8cm
Total Length:
Circumference (widest point): 13cm

Medium Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 10cm
Total Length: 39cm
Circumference (widest point): 15cm

Large Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 10cm
Total Length: 13.5cm
Circumference (widest point): 16.5cm

XL Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 13cm
Total Length: 45cm
Circumference (widest point): 20cm
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90 - 95cm

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100 - 105cm

105 - 110cm

110 - 115cm

115 - 120cm

Customer Reviews

Heaps of fun, naturally wagging tail looks realistic


These puppy tails are so much fun! The shape of the plug makes them slide in easily but also ensures that they stay put so you can relax as you play without stressing about it falling out.

The tail itself somehow wags very naturally as you move your body which is my favourite part of this toy!

(Posted on 25/03/2015) Review by Miss Pepper

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