PES Power Box

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The P.E.S. Power Box can be used with up to four single or two double P.E.S. electrodes. Push-button switches allow for the momentary pause of any device, while LEDs visually show the frequency of the pulses. Adjustments include two POWER control knobs, a PULSE knob, and two FREQUENCY knobs, one on the face of the box and a fine adjustment on the side. The box comes with an A/C Adapter and two pair of low profile leads for attachment to the electrodes, and will also operate with a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included). Note: the 9-volt battery will not provide sufficient power to operate 2 PES Electro Stimulation devices concurrently.

Electro stimulation interacts directly with nerve endings instead of the limited surface stimulation of mechanical vibrators. The P.E.S. Power Box tunes in on the nerve endings, harmonizing with the body's own electrical impulses. After reaching a good power level, the frequency and pulse rates can be adjusted until the desired response is reached in the form of electro stimulation.

Please note, this comes with a US Power Supply as standard and you will need to get a US to Australia pin adapter to use this with mains power in Australia. Alternatively this power box takes a 9V battery which is not included.

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Customer Reviews

A very well designed unit!


I love this unit. It may not have some of the fancy features like audio control or fully programmable pulses some units have but what it does do, it does very well. This is no glorified TENS unit. You can tell this has been built specifically for erotic stimulation and has a strong but smooth driving pulse that I have found lacking in other units on the market.

(Posted on 12/04/2015) Review by Sado BJ

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