TROUGH X gets in touch with its dark side with its first ever BLACK DRESS CODE party. Powered by the fetish masters from EAGLE LEATHER; TROUGH X - NOIR will take over the darkroom dance-floor dungeon of CLUB80 on SATURDAY MAY 6TH.

TROUGH X - NOIR will musically get you juiced up where the sun don't shine; with BDSM performances featuring at both top and bottom levels throughout the night.

In terms of attire, we would love to see you immersed in your best leather, rubber or latex but will also accept your best cotton, denim, velvet, corduroy, flannel, lace, felt, plastic... ANYTHING you whip up really, as long as its black!

With DJs Kiti, Gavin Campbell, TFG and Chiara Kickdrum!

Please note, this is a men only party.