Perfect Fit Brand is redefining the meaning of sexy, by maintaining an overall quality, usability, and excellence to the products they bring to the market.

We just received a big restock of their now classic Fuck Plugs including the Hump Gear Plug, Hump Gear XL Plug, Tunnel Plug, Double Tunnel Plug and The Rook. For those of you unfamiliar with Fuck Plugs, you put it on like you would a cock extender or sheath. One you ram it in, the plug anchors itself in to place, something Perfect Fit has perfected with their range of plugs. You then fuck away at the plug, while your boy feels the swelling and thrusting of the plug with every pump. They've become hugely popular here at Eagle Leather and we've had nothing but positive feedback for Perfect Fit plugs!

There's also the Fat Boy range of extenders/sheaths. These guys are made from Perfect Fit's trademark super squishy Siliskin and stretch with your meat to give you extra girth without being too big for your partner to handle. It's simple to get on and off, and stays in place by slipping your balls through the hole in the base of the sheath, which give you an amazing tug while fucking or jerking off.

Then there's the ever popular Armour cock rings, designed to hug your body while giving everything a push outward for a bigger bulge, enhancing your erection and orgasms.

To get you or your partner ready for a big session, don't forget the Ergo Douches with their amazing bendy nozzles. We struggle to keep up demand for these so don't miss out!

Last, but certainly not least is the new Armour Tug Lock. We've got a lot of ass locks in stock, but nothing like this bad boy! An extension of their Armour Tug cock rings, the Armour Tug Lock has an attached to a 5.5” butt plug!

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