Huge congratulations to Hanna Tusler, our incredibly talented leather room production manager and leathermaker, who was just featured in Smith Journal!

Hanna joined us in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fashion Design (with Honours) under her belt from RMIT, where she specialised in leatherwork, tailoring, lingerie, corsetry, illustration, drape and millinery. She already had plenty of experience under her belt, having been excelling in the retail scene for several years whilst developing her own brand of vampish bags and accessories under her eponymous label, Tusler Leather.

Hanna had already been producing a few of our lines prior to coming on board in store, and we were consistently blown away by the quality of her leather making. Her attention to detail is second to none and she holds herself to an extremely high standard. When she suggested joining our team on a permanent basis to produce and expand our whole range, we were absolutely tickled pink.

Over the last three years since she joined our Eagle Leather family, Hanna has helped revolutionise our brand, creating so many of the newer designs you know and love that have become synonymous with our brand; and redesigning and rejuvenating our original Eagle Leather designs as well.

Hanna manages every aspect of our leather room including designs, patterns, production and custom gear, sourcing, importing, outsourcing and budgets. We're so proud of the work she does day in and day out, pumping out some of Australia's best quality and most well loved fetish leather wear; world class designs built to last.

Hanna was honoured in a well deserved article about her incredible work for us in Smith Journal which was a joy to read!

Congratulations Hanna! We are so happy to have you on our team!