Eagle Leather crew Brent is a man of many talents. Not only did he build our beautiful website, design and manage the last FANTASTIC shoot, and be in charge and expertly execute about a hundred other jobs around here, he's also involved in what feels like about 100 different bands and music groups!

Last week he released his first single under his solo name, COMPLETE.

Here's an except from an interview he did with VICE on the single release and his interest in BDSM:

Leather, bondage and S&M gear appears in a lot of COMPLETE's visuals and imagery. How does it influence you musically?

I’m involved in the fetish industry in my day-to- day life so there isn’t much separation between COMPLETE’s visual identity and my actual lifestyle. I was initially drawn to leather as a fetish as it provided me with a physical and psychological barrier that protected me against social anxiety and allowed me to embody a persona both in terms of performance and in regaining control of my own trajectory in the face of the ‘turmoil’ that I was surrounded with at the time. I still feel that sense of protection and power and although I am hesitant to say that it defines me, it has definitely become a large part of my identity and I feel more at home in that ‘community' than I do elsewhere. I find BDSM fascinating as it gives people a space to explore relationships beyond the boundaries constructed by society.

Don't miss the single launch upstairs at The Tote this Saturday night, where Brent plans to transform the venue into a "COMPLETE club of sorts". For more info about the event, to read the rest of the interview, and to listen to his awesome new track, click the button below.

Congratulations Brent!!