The silly season is upon us, but while you're out picking things for friends and family, don't forget to treat yourself too!

We're all greedy little sex pigs here, especially during holiday season! We thought what better way to celebrate the festivities than by hand selecting our favourite toys and gear that we'd like to see in our sack come Christmas morning, and giving you guys a discount on them so you can enjoy them too!

Shane's been working at Eagle Leather now for the longest of any of us, well over 15 years, and took over ownership of the business with BJ in 2010. He needs no introduction for many of you - he's our resident Store Manager, dealing with all the day to day happenings in store and he'll usually be the friendly face you see behind the counter when you visit the shop, or the one that you might deal with when you buy something in our online store! He also sources heaps of new gear and toys for us every month to keep our customers expanding their collections of awesome gear.

A wealth of knowledge in many areas BDSM, he is without a doubt one of the most experienced adult shop workers in the country with over 30 years in the adult industry across three different states! He is particularly into Leather, Bondage, Toys and Impact Play - along with almost everything else!

He's also the only person we've ever met who can't stand chocolate, so please do us all a favour don't buy him any chocolate for Christmas this year (and by that we mean buy him tonnes so we can eat it all!!) Here's everything Shane wants for Christmas this year...

Brent's Christmas Picks