Why We Love SquarePeg Toys
SquarePeg Toys continue lead the way in innovation and in setting trends in the world of toys - and that's why we believe they are the best brand of dildos on the global market. Their amazing toys are often imitated, but never duplicated! Since 1997, SquarePeg have been producing top quality large silicone toys for fetish and anal play, while most of their competitors were still producing toys from cheap vinyl.

Each SquarePeg shape begins as a unique, hand-sculpted model inspired from imagination with an eye towards what would make for great hole play.

All of SquarePeg's incredible toys are made in the USA with US produced silicone to ensure their products safety and quality.

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Water Sports Soft Leather Bulldog Harness
At Eagle Leather we knock out a LOT of Bulldog Harnesses every week, in an ever expanding array of colours.

This custom number in the perfect "Water Sports" Yellow was my favourite for the year. With a thinner stripe allowing for an extra row of stitching on all sides, it's got a bit of extra structure and the configuration of the stripe down the centre of the D Ring loop gives the colours a slightly subtler feel.

We will begin producing this new style in a variety of colours in the new year... If you have something in mind give us a call or email sales@eagleleather.com.au
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Our guide to starting your pumping journey!
Curious about pumping but not sure where to start or whether it even works?

Get the down low on everything you need to know with our Pumping Guide.
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Electric Sex and Impact Play Class Tickets on sale now!
Announcing the return of BJ's popular Impact Play and Electric Sex classes to Eagle Leather in July! 100% of ticket sales will be donated to the Russian LGBT Network.
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TROUGH X gets in touch with its dark side with its first ever BLACK DRESS CODE party. Powered by the fetish masters from EAGLE LEATHER; TROUGH X - NOIR will take over the darkroom dance-floor dungeon of CLUB80 on SATURDAY MAY 6TH.
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Dirk and Jesse return to Oz - Class Tickets on sale now!
Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman are two world famous gay porn stars, and during their last trip to Oz we realised they're fantastic educators too!
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Just beginning your journey in BDSM and not sure how (or where) to start? No worries. Check out our recommendations of books, groups, and websites as well as the best clubs, events and other stores around Melbourne that should be on your check out list!
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Looks like Christmas came early this year!

Check out Rogan Richards getting into the festive spirit and our gear this week for his 2017 XXXMAS shoot!

Rogan wears several yet to be released items including our Olive Green Leather Kilt, Olive Green Indicator Harness, and the recently released Service Hood!
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Frank T. Khani and Sheila Crux Return to Oz to Present Five Workshops!
With a refreshingly interesting set of topics including Rough Body Play, Interrogation Play and Play Fighting, these summer classes are sure to be a hit!
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Learn to flog!
Eagle Leather's own Sado BJ will be running a special edition of his popular Impact Play class on Sunday 11th December to try and raise some money for a member of our community who is going through major health issues and wants to cross a trip to Egypt with his wife off his bucket list.
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