Musings in Our Gay Daze by Kyle Cicero


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Disregarding the critics and quite a few threatened lawsuits Kyle Cicero once more enters the arena of literature to throw down the gauntlet. Taking up where his prior work, “The Gay Daze That Is My Life”, left off he once more pontificates on the issues and foibles of the gay community and the straight world.

Here are a few quotes that are found inside: About a certain religion that spearheaded the anti gay marriage drive: Well it just proves my point: you can’t trust a group that is one consonant away from being read as “moron”! Gay groups who support “moderate conservatives” in a certain party to keep a “foot in their camp”: While you are busy putting your feet into their camp just know THEY are putting theirs up a different anatomical area in our community.

The benefits of having an elder straight doctor: If someone must know your true age then an eighty-seven year old straight man is the best repository of such secrets…. at eighty-seven how long can they be around to carry this knowledge or even remember it?

How “jockus gayus” men speak a different language: I learned during my stay with them that such terms as “his stats”, “ his scoring records” or, “ his positions” have a completely different connotation to them than I originally thought!

The horrors of an “authentic” Roman themed bar: They simply provided floor holes in a large “communal” bathroom. I don’t know about you but when I flash my jewels in the restroom it is purely a private matter…okay, a semi private one on a few occasions.

The dangers of doing your own blogs: His silences at our gatherings that previously I’d assumed portended deep thoughts I now find, upon reading his blog, were merely a manifestation of the fact that he had the intellectual depth of a rain puddle.

Texting, rejection as a “friend” by someone on their web site, the proper sequence to “greet gay” or host a “gay party” yes, it is all there and more as Kyle Cicero dishes the dirt, takes on the Internet, and tells it as it is in this newest work, “Musings In Our Gay Daze”!.

159 pages.

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