Lyddy's Saddle Soap


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The original specially prepared product since 1893.

The best leather cleanser and softener for saddles, boots, shoes, bags, luggage, etc.

Saddle Soap cleans and nourishes leather. It has a lovely citronella fragrance with a spongy, creamy, gel consistency, which contains added fats to nourish the leather. It is very easy to apply and washes out easily.

Can be used to remove surface mould, and for removal of mud stains.

Directions for use:
  • To use, pre-wet the leather
  • Apply Saddle Soap with a soft damp cloth
  • Rub gently over the leather to produce lather and remove grime; applying to entire surface to be treated
  • Rinse cloth and wipe down the area to remove traces of soap. Allow garment to dry.

    For more information on how to clean, polish, treat, store, repair and look after your leather to make sure it lasts, check out our Leather Care Guide.
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