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The Long Longenck is a brand new design from SquarePeg, featuring a bendy, flexible and long neck. It's a great soft tool for very deep manipulation. About this toy, Scott from Square Peg says

"I call this type of design an honest to goodness “Tool”, as it is certainly not a toy by any stretch of the imagination, and is something to be used with advanced knowledge of your own capacity for what your colon can accept. “The right tool for the right job” is the expression, not the right toy…

If you are into depth manipulation in ways that go way beyond everyone else and were seeking that special dildo to help you reach some new heights in pleasure, then this just might be the right tool."

The hand is kept at a “reasonable” 8 inches around with a noticeable wrist that with the abrupt change in thickness, allows it to stimulate the inner sphincters in special ways as well as give it a little extra flex to work its way around inside. The tip is set off center as well to allow one to turn the position of the toy and help guide it from the outside. Purposeful, intelligent design.

The shaft stays under 8″ around as well, until about the 19″ mark, where it then goes from 8″ up to 10″ just above the base. In order for it to be soft and forgiving, the shaft is indeed quite bendy, so might take some getting used to playing with, but once threaded inside it is designed to find its own way.

The notch in the base indicates which side the “hand” is pointed to inside to give you that added level of control.

Product Specifications Overall Length: 23 1/2" Hand Bulb: 8" Circumference Shaft Base: 10" Circumference

Please note: The Graphite Regular Square Peg Longneck is sold separately and is only shown in the image for comparison purposes.
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Customer Reviews

Depth Devil


This sneaky lil fucker creeps up on u but it’s a challenge to work in especially the fat head that’s the real lung shifter that takes your breath away.

(Posted on 26/08/2019) Review by Oscar Wild

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