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Sometimes you get the urge to do something weird, just to see how it turns out. Like the scientists who inserted spider genes into goats and got giant, stinky, horny spiders that could piss on their own heads. Oh,and goat milk laced with one of the strongest fibres known to man, I'm just waiting for someone to cross pit bulls with bed bugs. That's the day to leave Earth, right there. Anyway, when the guys at Leatherbeaten had the urge to mix things up a bit in their DNA database, they didn't end up with anything as freaky as rhinohuahuas, or wolverhamsters. But they DID come up with the rather lovely belting / elk cross that they called, imaginatively enough, Hybrid.

The characteristics of the beast are a lovely soft outer layer (that's the Elk), wrapped around a hard central core. That's the Belting. In practice, it's possible to discern both tendencies. Taken lightly, the Hybrid delivers a smooth caress, that's warm and sensuous. Give it a bit more weight and speed, and you'll start to feel the harder core asserting itself with a much sharper bruisiness.

At Eagle Leather, we are absolutely enamored with this new flogger from our favourite leather whip makers in the world. Get in fast if you want one because we might just buy them all ourselves!

Product quantities are very limited.

Made in Canada.

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