Hobble Belt



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This belt is 38mm (1½″) wide and made from high quality Italian leather.

This type of belt is knows as a Hobble Belt. The strap folds back on itself through the steel rectangles in the belt thus creating two adjustable loops. It's original design was to stop horses from straying when camped at night. It has been adopted and is very popular with the bondage scene.

The fittings are all nickel plated steel and the belt has eyelets the full length of the belt for maximum adjustment.

Please note, the sizing is strict with these belts and the inches refers to the length of the belt rather than the inches of your waist. It is generally best to size up to 2-4 inches larger than your waist to get the optimum length. For example, if you're normally a size 34, a size 36 or 38 belt would be the ideal size.

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