Groups & Clubs

    Avalon’s Rope Dojo

    One of Australia’s most gifted and experienced riggers, Avalon is also an excellent teacher. He teaches classes one on one and in groups, as well as playing host to many international guest teachers and running his regular Bound events.

    Hareteru Kinbaku

    Haruteru Kinbaku teaches small weekly shibari classes, with a maximum of five couples. The venue is a beautiful and intimate purpose built 12-tatami mat room that is air conditioned and heated, with beams suitable for suspension, allowing for a range of tying to be done. The presenter is one of Australia’s best riggers.

    Melbourne Rubber

    An inclusive group for people of any identity into latex and rubber clothing and gear! Their Facebook page is extremely active and they are a super friendly gang. They hold regular social events including online catch ups, drinks, and more. The huge annual Slick Rubber Week happens in July - five days jam packed with great latex events

    Peer Rope Melbourne

    Peer Rope is a global network of rope lovers, with various groups happening all around Australia and overseas. Peer Rope Melbourne organise events and regular workshops and also offer a platform via their Facebook group to share information and learn about rope with your peers.


    PolyVic is dedicated to providing friendly safe spaces for social contact and support for polyamorous people, their supporters and the poly-curious. Poly-friendly people of any gender or sexual orientation are welcome at their regular events, which are purely social in nature (no sex-on-site).


    VicBears is a long-running social club for down-to-earth male or male identifying individuals of all shapes, sizes and ages in Melbourne & Victoria. VicBears hold regular social gatherings throughout the month including ActiveBear and Union at The Laird. The annual Southern HiBearnation festival run by VicBears in June is a highlight!


    Victorian Pups and Handlers is an inclusive group which provides community-based support, promotion, and the opportunity to experience pet play to a broad range of people of diverse abilities, ages, genders, sexualities, and racial and ethnic backgrounds.