Fusion Bodyglide Lube by Elbow Grease

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FUSION BODY GLIDE, for those with an insatiable drive, is the latest addition to the ELBOW GREASE FAMILY. It has proven itself to be the hottest new silicone around today. FUSION is all silicone, with no additives. It is a unique blend of technology and sensuality. FUSION is designed for easier cleanup, less staining and most important longer lasting and slicker than any other Silicone Lubricant available today.

Not sure if this lube is right for you, or want some more information on the types of lube available and their pros and cons? Check out our recommendations in the Eagle Leather Lube Guide.

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Customer Reviews

Perfectly balanced lube


One of the pros with silicone lube is that it lasts a super long time and doesn't get sticky. This can sometimes be a con if you hate lube on your doorknobs and banisters for days to come. This has the right balance: lasts long enough to play but not so long it becomes a slipping hazard!"

(Posted on 27/12/2015) Review by Sado BJ

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