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Agonisingly painful, sharp, stinging toys that feel more like a shredding than a flogging, may not be everyone's cup of tea. It's a big world out there and not everyone like sthe same thing. At the opposite extreme of the pain spectrum, try the brand new elkhide flogger. Softy and supple, the Elkhide, as you might expect, is similar to deer, but about twice as heavy. It's as thick and rich as your average corporate titan, but really - far far more pleasant to have pounding on your back.

The guys at Leatherbeaten use farmed American elk, exclusively, and the leather is around 4oz, which hands out a respectable thumping. If you're looking for a stingy, sharp piece, however, this isn't it. It packs about as much sting as a pair of velvet curtains backed with clotted cream. It's heavy - you'll definitely know you've been flogged - but with virtually no edge whatsoever. If you happen to be, say a high class, high maintenance, luxury slut, and you find yourself hankering for a good wallow in the sensual depths of a heavy working over, there is nothing out there that comes even close to this one.

18" by 1/2" lashes. Eight lace braided handle. Pineapple knots, top and bottom.

Product quantities are very limited.

Made in Canada.

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