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SquarePeg Toys are proud to present the latest and most recent creation in the SquarePeg line. SquarePeg owner Scott enlisted the help of a stretching fan for this one, and here's the customers review:

"Wow. What an amazing toy! I have never felt anything like it. This is truly a stretch/prostate toy. Let me tell you my experiences, as professionally and rated PG as I can :)

When I first saw it, I was excited about the head and knowing the toy was a little under 6 inches with a circumference of 17.5, I was like oh my. I was concerned about the amount of height for the tapered part. I thought, maybe to keep the toy short, that left a big taper in just a little space. I thought I might squash the toy as opposed to getting stretched.

But I don’t think that is too much of an issue. When I sat on it, and slowly relaxed, the head popping in was incredible. Thank you for making a nice big sized head with your excellent oval shape. It hits the prostate perfectly. So there I sat, and I felt that the toy was just staying squashed. But then after a few minutes of more relaxation, I felt myself starting to slide down. Oh my god, I had never felt that amazing before!

It was like this great stretch with total prostate stimulation. Normally with the larger toys (ex Probus Squat) there are depth feelings that overpower with less prostate. And due to my particular issues with depth, I guess I never got the full stretch.

I have no idea how much I stretched but all I can say is that once my ass relaxed, I felt sensations that blew my mind. I hadn’t felt this intensity with the Dino Plug nor Baby Elephant."

Due to the size of this toys, Scott at SquarePeg says this one is not for stretch training as it were, but for those already into this level of play and seeking to add that extra dimension.

Dimensions: HEIGHT 5 3/4″ • FIRST HUMP 12 1/2″ CIRC, MAX CIRC 17 1/2″

Learn more about the silicone SquarePeg uses in their toys, what lubes to use with it, how to clean it, and why we love it so much by clicking here.

Currently only available in bronze.

Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 12cm
Total Length: 16cm
Circumference (widest point): 31cm
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