LA Pumps Cylinder - Clitoris Enlargement


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Clitoral enlargement pumps are a great way to safely and effectively increase the size of your clitoris, or even to just enjoy a temporarily puffy and sensetive clit during a play session.

Using the LA Pump Vacuum Pumping System for only a few minutes can yield fantastic results and increase the size of your clitoris. An enlarged clitoris with more blood flow will dramatically increase sensation to the area and make your clit more sensitive to touch.

LA Pump Clit Pumps are hand crafted from the highest quality medical-grade & industrial strength materials. Using these cylinders for 15-20 minutes daily will make more nerve endings develop in the clitoris (neurogenesis) and enhance feeling and sensation to your clitoris.

Made in the USA.

Please note: this is the cylinder only. A pump is also required for operation. We recommend the Heavy Duty Hand Pump.

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