Corona Cockhead Stimulator


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P.E.S. Corona “Cockhead” Stimulators are a family of three Electrodes designed to provide Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) in a simple, yet effective manner.

The Basic Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator is the simplest of these three Electrodes and offers general stimulation of the entire cockhead when in place.

The Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator with Focusing Pods is second in this family of three and provides a more specific focusing of the EES.

The Corona “Cockhead” Stimulator with Urethral Amplifier is the third and most unique of the Corona family, generating a new type of electrode for urethral stimulation in conjunction with cockhead stimulation.

Made out of conductive silicone elastomer, Electro-Flex™, the Corona Stimulators all have the same basic structure.

Each has an adjustable Secondary Body that covers the cockhead (glans of the penis) and lays over the urethral opening for centralized coverage; or may be focused elsewhere on the glans.

The Primary Body encircles and stimulates just beneath the coronal ridge area. The Primary and Secondary Body of each Electrode intersects and lays at a strategic point, the frenem, allowing the stimuli to cover the entire external area of the cockhead.

On the Secondary Body of the Corona Stimulator with Focusing Pods, there are three (on the smallest inner diameter version, there are only two pods), 24kt gold-plated Focusing Pods that are fully adjustable along the length of the Body. These Pods have the capability of focusing the EES depending on where they are placed along the Secondary Body in correlation with the cockhead.

The adjustable Secondary Body of the Corona with Amplifier covers the cockhead (glans of the penis) and separates into a third body, the Urethral Amplifier (.125" in diameter and 1.60" in length). The junction at the Urethral Amplifier on the Secondary Body is easily adjustable, allowing the user to configure it to fit their urethral opening. This allows for proper anatomical placement for the overall effect of focusing the Electrode. The Amplifier extends only a short way down the urethral cavity to ensure heightened concentration of EES.

Requires a set of Bannana snap adaptord for use with ErosTek Power Units and Folsom power units.

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