Cone of Shame by Oxballs



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Get that puppy to stop licking and humping and groping and stroking with OXBALLS cockring/chastity toy CONE OF SHAME…only let him play when YOU want to play…

Super soft and flexible, with the right amount of stretch to wear long term and it’s made of platinum silicone so it wont irritate “mans best friend”…stays on even during rough pup-romps and moshes.

Collared pups and strays can wear to show off their junk or to show other dogs sniffing around that their dick is off-limits. Handlers and pup-owners can keep their pups inappropriate behavior at a minimum…nothing says “BAD-DOG!” like making your pup parade around, dickhead hung low, in his CONE OF SHAME.

We also like this toys for chastity play for non-pups…makes it pretty hard to JO or fuck, but since its springy soft silicone, can be worn under levis or suit pants creating a full bulge while reducing any stimulation to the shaft or dickhead.

It’s silicone so it wont stain, cleans easily, wont retain scent and will not pit or get dull.

Ways to use:
--Watersports…fills up with your piss or others…
--You can actually fuck with it on if determined and a bit over average, feels amazing hitting the bottoms pucker…
--Dom/sub play
--Ash play
--Something that involves thick JLube and hand-cuffs. Hmmmm.
Sized to fit most every pup, available in BLACK and FLORESCENT ORANGE

Pure Platinum Silicone, Made in USA

Lube safe: water-based (recommended), hybrid lubes, oil base lubes. Silicone lubes can make silicone toys sticky
Cleaning: Detergent and hot water, dishwasher, diluted bleach/water solution

Stats (Approximate):
Inner Circumference: 4.75”
Inner diameter: 1.55”
Outer Circumference: 9.5”
Height: 3.25”
Weight: 4.2 oz.

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