Using lube can help maximise your pleasure during all types of sex - anal, vaginal, masturbation, playing with toys, the list is endless - lube makes all sexual experiences more slippery and fun, by protecting your skin from microtears and abrasions caused by friction. Lubes are also essential for safer sex - when using condoms, lube can help prevent them from breaking during intercourse. If you haven’t been using lube, or you’ve been using inferior lube, you’ve really been missing out!

Be sure to test any lube on a small area of your skin before launching into use, as any type of lube can cause some irritation to some people. Rest assured that at Eagle Leather, we LOVE lube and we only stock our favourite brands that we know to be high quality - and we stand behind them.

With so many types and brands on the market it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Here’s a guide to help steer you in the right direction.

  • Water based lubes are simple to use because they are compatible with condoms, diaphragms and sponges, not to mention all types of toys which makes them a worry free lube.
  • Plus, because they are water based they wash off with just a little warm water which makes cleanup simple and easy!
  • Most water based lube also has the benefit of being free from scent, taste and colour and does not stain sheets as it can be easily washed out in the laundry.
  • Water based lubes are generally inexpensive compared to many other manufactured more high tech lubricant formulas.
  • The main problem we find with water based lubes is that they can be short-lived and often dry up too quickly especially for lengthy play sessions and sessions that involve big toys. This is because they absorb into the skin where silicone and oil based lubricants don’t absorb so easily. For this reason, most of us at Eagle Leather generally prefer Silicone based lubricants.
  • We also find the consistency of water based lube to become sticky as it begins to dry out. When it begins to dry out, it is best to either re-apply your lubricant or sprinkle the area with water to reactivate the lube. To counteract this, some manufacturers have recently added natural skin moisturisers to make their water based lube less sticky.
  • The other issue with water based lubricant is that many contain Glycerin, which can cause infection especially in women so clean up after sessions or sex is always a good idea.
  • Finally, water based lubes are no good for water based sessions because - you guessed it - they’re water based so they’ll just dissipate if used in the shower / pool / spa / bath or for any other type of wet sessions! :)
Here area few of our favourite types of Water-Based Lubes:


J-Lube is one of our most popular lubes of all time. This is a water based formula that comes in powder form, so you can mix it with water until you find the consistency you are after. Many people find that using J-Lube in conjunction with Crisco for anal fisting makes the passage more slippery for easy entry.  Check out a variety of great J-Lube recipes here.



We have only recently come across this lube and we think it is the closest you will get to a silicone lube feeling in a water based formula. This lube is enriched with aloe and vitamin e which gives it such a silky and luxurious texture that if you closed your eyes you’d swear it was silicone based! It’s also paraben free and vegan friendly.


JO H2O Lubricant

JO Lube is water based, but has a luxurious silky texture similar to silicone lubricant. Made from high quality ingredients, JO H20 is long lasting and doesn’t get sticky like some other water based lubes can. JO also contains no animal-based glycerin or animal byproducts.


Swiss Navy Water Based Lubricant

Swiss Navy are highly regarded for producing top quality lubes of all types. Their water based lube is long lasting and less absorbent into the skin than other water based lubes. The advanced formula this lube is made with increases the viscosity and slickness of its texture.


Wet Stuff Gold

Wet Stuff Gold has been a favourite with many of our customers in store for years. Although it is a bit of a budget lube, Wet Stuff is relatively long lasting, mild, and gently warming. The original warming lubricant, Wet Stuff Gold was crafted in 1993 as the first of its kind, a lube which gives off heat when mixed with water or body fluids. Wet Stuff Gold is suited to oral, vaginal and anal play.

  • These are hands down our favourite lube type on the market - they last a really long time and they never get sticky!
  • Silicone lube is really smooth and slippery, and it is great for long sessions because it just keep going and going. A little goes a long way so although it’s more expensive than water based lube, it will save you money in the long term.
  • Silicone lubes are also compatible with latex based condoms, dams and gloves.
  • Silicone is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for lube users who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Silicone lube is also the perfect choice for wet sessions because it is waterproof. Go for your life in the shower, bath, pool or spa! Especially in gel form, Silicone lube keeps the friction at bay for slippery, wet fun.
  • Due to its thicker consistency and long-lasting qualities, Silicone lube can be a great choice for anal play. Some lubes such as Pjur Backdoor Glide are built for anal play with jojoba extracts added to nourish the skin and relax the anus to enhance play.
  • Silicone comes from sand, so it’s important to bear in mind that some cheaper low quality silicone lubes you might buy from other adult shops can be grainy and irritative - but we don’t stock any brands like this so you needn’t worry as long as you’re shopping with us.
  • These lubes are not recommended for use with silicone toys (e.g. Oxballs, Sport Fucker, Bulder, SquarePeg or Keep Burning in our range) but are safe with all other types of toys. Silicone lubricants can cause silicone toys to dissolve and become porous, breaking them down over time and allowing growth of bacteria. Please note, if you do decide to use silicone lube with silicone toys, some types of silicone lubes will react worse with your silicone toys. You just can’t pick it. To minimise risk, test the lube on an unused portion of the base of the dildo and leave it for a few days to see how it reacts.
  • Some women can find silicone lube irritating, so as with all lubes, it is best to test on a small area first.
  • Silicone Lube is more expensive than water based lube but that is due to the higher quality of this type of lubricant. You will find that this lubricant goes a lot further and lasts a lot longer than water based lube.
  • The only other problem we know of with silicone lube is that it can be harder to wash off bedding and clothing and may cause a wet-like stained appearance on your sheets - so be careful! Clean up is easy enough with soap and water. It’s important to clean up spills as quickly as possible as silicone lube can become a slip hazard.
Here are a few of our favourite types of Silicone Lubes:

Pjur Original Bodyglide

Around the world, Pjur Original Bodyglide is widely regarded as the best silicone lube available - and it’s the most popular by far. Trust those technologically minded kinky Germans to develop a product that never dries out, is safe on latex, is conditioning and moisturising to the skin and also doubles as a therapeutic massage formula. Pjur’s formula utilises only the highest grade pharmaceutical silicone.


Fusion Body Glide

One of the pros with silicone lube is that it lasts a super long time and doesn’t get sticky - but this is sometimes annoying because you’ll find it weeks later on doorknobs and bannisters! This lube has the right balance: it lasts long enough to play with, but no so long that it becomes a slipping hazard. Fusion is silicone based lube with no additives, and is formulated for easier clean up and less staining. We also highly recommend this lubricant for use with penis pumping and as a dressing aid when wearing latex.


Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lube

Swiss Navy is made from some of the highest grade of silicone available in the market, which makes it extra silky and velvety. Super long lasting and great for use in wet sessions too. It is also reasonably priced compared to other silicone lubricants.


Gun Oil

“If the military issued a lube, this is what they’d distribute with the condoms and artillery.” This lube was developed by some of the marines who had used actual gun oil to jack off during Operation Desert Storm. Upon returning home, they developed this high tech, condom safe version which is super slick and decreases friction. Gun Oil is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for longer lasting super slick sessions.


Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide

This is an amazing silicone lube that has been specifically formulated to enhance anal sex. The addition of jojoba extract helps relax the anal sphincter while long lasting properties of the silicone mean the area remains slick and moisturising for your anal rendezvous.

Hybrid Lubricants offer the best of both worlds, with the benefits of water based lubricants combining with the longevity of silicone lube which helps protect body tissue during those long and rough sessions.

Here are a few of our favourite types of Hybrid Lubes:

Pjur Power Cream

Pjur Power is our lube of choice for amazing fisting sessions. A mix of silicone and water based lubricants, the gliding properties of this lube and its thick consistency make it a great choice for anal and for use with larger toys. Pjur Power Cream is also safe with latex gloves and condoms. We have found that a great combo is using this lube as base in conjunction with a thinner silicone lube (such as Fusion) so you can control the thickness and slickness you so desire.


Spunk Lube

Spunk is an ideal lube for masturbation, vaginal and anal sex, and for use with toys. A water based hybrid lube that resembles the look and feel of cum, this awesome lube is also long lasting and cleans up easily. Safe to use with most sex toys and condoms, Spunk is non staining and reactivates with water or saliva if it begins to dry out.


JO Hybrid Lube

JO Hybrid combines the long lasting qualities of JO Silicone Lube with the simple cleanup of their H2O Water Based lube. A 50/50 blend of the two, JO Hybrid doesn’t get sticky and rinses off easily with water, plus it won’t stain the sheets - bonus!

Many people tend to prefer oil based lubes especially for anal play, because they offer a long lasting slippery experience by retaining a base layer of lubricant on the skin that is not absorbed by the body, enhancing the quality of the sex. Oil based lubes are perfect for anal because they offer a thicker consistency which makes them a popular choice for fans of fisting. Examples of oil based lubes include coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, cooking oil, baby oil and petroleum jelly. While Oil Based Lubes are not suitable for use with latex condoms, they can be used with latex free alternatives such as polyurethane condoms and nitrile gloves as required.

  • Long lasting and not sticky
  • Can be moisturising and soothing to the skin
  • Oil based lubes are often inexpensive compared to silicone based lubricants
  • Oil based lubes feel natural on the skin, especially when used in conjunction with water based lubricants
  • Natural oils usually don’t contain preservatives or additives which make them less likely to irritate the skin
  • Oil based lube is great for wet sessions because it is waterproof.
  • Oil-based lubricants are not safe for use with latex condoms or diaphragms. The oil in this type of lube can react with the latex to make it porous, or even cause it to rip or tear, which increases the risk of pregnancy or contracting STIs.
  • Oils can be hard to clean up off toys.
  • This type of lube is not considered safe to be used with rubber toys, as the oil can break down the rubber over time.
  • Oil based lubes are hard to remove from the skin, which can cause clogged pores and infection, especially inside the vagina. The soap required to clean oil based lubricants off the skin can also be irritating to vaginal tissue.
  • Oil based lubes tend to stain clothing and linen
  • Oil based lubes can increase the risk of a yeast infection
Here are a few of our favourite types of Oil Based Lubes:

Elbow Grease Original

Developed in 1979, Elbow Grease is the oldest specifically formulated sexual lubricant still on the market today. The original formula is a mineral oil based thick cream with amazing viscosity which has earned it fans the world over for over 35 years. We much prefer Elbow Grease over the basic Crisco formula because it is specifically formulated, odorless, and it’s not greasy like the Crisco can be. It’s also lower in fat for calorie-aware dieters.


Swiss Navy Grease

We love Swiss Navy’s Grease lube, it’s thick and rich but it’s still super slippery. Built for male masturbation, anal sex and fisting, it also transfers body heat and is soft enough to leave your skin feeling great at the end. It doesn’t dissolve into water or skin, so it’ll stay slick until you decide you’ve had enough!


Stroke 29

This lube is specifically designed for male masturbation - it is thick, non greasy formula provides slipperiness and the high tech formula means this lube gets better the longer you use it in a session. The product begins to transform as you stroke your penis, and around the 29th Stroke the texture changes to stimulate arousal. The combination of heat and friction feels amazing while masturbating, and the viscosity of this lube means it doesn’t break down over time so you won’t need to reapply. Stroke 29 is almond oil based with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E extracts.



Although designed for cooking, Crisco has been used as a sexual lubricant since its invention in the 1950s. Crisco is still an all time favourite amongst our customers, especially for fisting. Thick and creamy, Crisco doesn’t dry out and it's thick viscosity makes it great for anal. It’s also the most inexpensive lube we sell and a little goes a long way.