CB6000 Chastity Device by CB-X

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Product Features
• 3 1/4″ length 1 3/8″ inside diameter cage – most popular size
• 5 ring sizes – 1 1/2″I.D., 1 5/8″I.D., 1 3/4″I.D., 1 7/8″I.D., 2″I.D.
• Package includes: 1 cage portion; 5 different size rings; Locking pins and spacers; One brass padlock; Five individually numbered plastic locks
• Handy black zippered carrying case
• Numbered plastic locks included allow wearer to go through metal detectors without setting off alarms

Product Description
The CB-6000 Chastity Device is a new innovative design offering the utmost in comfort and security. The CB-6000 Chastity Device offers the utmost in comfort and security. The ring design consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. The flat design of the rings is extremely comfortable and secure.

The CB-6000 is made of medical grade polycarbonate material. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening allowing use at urinals. The different size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. The CB-6000 restricts you from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure and gives the Keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners.

Customer Reviews

What an agony to have my huge thick cock in this cock cage.


My thick 10 and a half cock was in this cock cage for nearly a week and when my sadistic Police Master took me naked to his station for display, he took the wrecker butt plug off my ass hole and I thought he would release my cock cage as well but he did not as my thick hard 10 and half inch cock is in great pain and discomfort all these days, I had come almost twice daily but what to do except to accept it and when I was presented to his policemen in the station, all the policemen took photograph of my bent cock in the cage and laugh but when I was taken to the charge room, I was again photographed and this time my cock and my balls carry 4 heavy weights but that was not the end as in the cell the abuse start for I was fuck by the duty officer but the worst was by a mid 20 crim who have a huge thick long cock like a donkey which he made me suck that cock deep and then he fuck me hard and deep which made me come 3 times and as my harden cock is inside the cage so the cage is smear with all the dripping cum. This carry on the entire time in the cell until Master take me back to the dungeon and when Master saw those dried cum attached to the cock cage I was whipped and then fisted by his huge fist as my ass hole was so sore from the cell orgy and now being fisted and I howl and moan with pain as Master fist dig deep into my hole and my bent cock in the cage cannot get release, what an agony for my cock in chastity.

(Posted on 6/05/2020) Review by slave petro
Great sensation and comfortable cock cage


After my sadistic Police Master had my ass inserted with the Wrecker Butt plug, bound me to the X Cross and had my balls stretched with 2 Ball Stretchers weighing 48 oz he then had my harden 10 and a half inch cock place in chastity. It was real difficulty in placing my long thick cock into the cage, Master forced and bend my huge cock, I was in great pain, I scream and moan, finally it took 20 minutes and my cock was in the cage padlock lock and I start to shoot a huge load of cum. Master left me bound to the X Cross with this chastity device and told me that he will take me to his station for display with all the devices intact as it show what self isolation means to his police staff. Master said that he is extremely please with his handy work. I look forward when I am taken for display and what his staff comment is as they cannot have sex fun with me when I am place in the holding cell. That will be a great relief for me as I won,t be fucked or having an orgy given by his staff and crims. in the same cell. Ha, Ha for me.

(Posted on 13/04/2020) Review by slave petro
AWSOMES to wear my Master love my cock in it


can wear the cb6000 or cb 6000s
all times

(Posted on 5/06/2017) Review by jakie
very good


have been wearing the cb6000 and cb6000s
both can be wore 24/7 just the clean dick part
daliy when pissing

(Posted on 5/06/2017) Review by jakie

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