Butt Bomb by Square Peg Toys®


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One of the original 8 that began it all at SquarePeg Toys.

This toy inspired a whole series based on variations of this shape like the Butt Bud and the Ballistics. It succeeds in creating a very full feeling with its hefty size. The nipple tip rests deeper inside than most plug type toys and despite its weight it stays easily in place –It actually has to be pulled out.

That said, this toy is NOT for the uninitiated … named Butt Bomb because of the way it seems to suddenly project itself inside. The high placement of the widest part coupled with a long taper to the neck makes this one seem to propel itself inward from the strength of your sphincter muscles. Consider yourself warned. A challenge even for experienced players because of its round cross-section.

Redesigned in 2013 with a narrow base to fit better between the cheeks for longer term wear.

Sizing Specifications
Insertable Length: 16cm
Total Length: 19cm
Circumference (widest point): 27cm

Learn more about the silicone SquarePeg uses in their toys, what lubes to use with it, how to clean it, and why we love it so much by clicking here.

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