Bulldog Head Harness by Oxballs


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Is your puppy getting too mouthy? Show him who’s top dog with Bulldog, the new head harness gag from Oxballs. Bulldog is made from their signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s stretchy, soft, and melds to your face like a second skin.

The insertable mouthpiece is made of the same durable material so you can gnash and gnaw on it as much as you like...while your owner works you over…hard.

The hollow gag insert is also perfect for feeding your pup a healthy dose of piss or a thick creamy load…or two…

Silicone is a cinch to wash (it's so tough you can even boil it) and doesn’t start to develop that funky smell that leather or neoprene gags tend to get over time.

The rubber straps adjust and stretch to fit just about any sub’s head.

Strap in and submit…

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