BON4 Bomber Magnetic Ball Stretcher

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A heavy Cock and Ball toy, the BON4 BOMBER is a very stimulating ball stretching experience.

Massive 1.7 pound (770 gr.) cold piece of stainless steel around the scrotum.

  • Dimensions: 3.46" x 2.16" x 1.37" (88mm x 55mm x 35mm)
  • Inner diameter: 1.37"/35mm
  • Weight: 770gr

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Customer Reviews

Outstanding product - when is the next size up?


Having had this a few days now all I can say is this is an incredible piece of kit. Over time with smaller weights I felt I had worked up enough to go this heavy :-)
I am so glad that I did. The feeling of this heavy weight is intense and highy pleasurable. It is a relentless drag on your balls that after an hour or so you feel like your nuts could be scraping the floor.
And I have to say that all the while the precum tap is just running constantly with excitement. Pants soaking excitement this is....
Also love the different positions that give great sensations - laying on back with nuts dragged down and dick pushed up, standing and feeling like my nuts are being pushed lower to the floor (and really intense if you crack a fat and your cock pushes it down harder on your balls (great stuff).
Best though I think is on all fours and humping motion that swings your balls and is just the best sensation.
Put me down for the 1kg version one day is all I can say (cant wait).....

(Posted on 19/10/2017) Review by Foxed

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