Acrylic Butt Plug

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The PES Electro Anal Plug is a smooth acrylic rod with a conductive electrode on each side to stimulate the anal sphincter muscle and interior of the anal cavity.

Even before you connect the electrical leads to the plug, the smooth and cleverly contoured sides stretch the anal ring and use the strength of the same sphincter muscles to snap the plug securely into position. Once Electro Stimulation is applied to the plug, it does all the work.

The plug is held by the sphincter muscles after insertion and Electro Stimulation adjusted from the Power Box causing the plug to pump in and out of the anus. It is the sphincter that massages itself against the sphincter muscle. The PES Electro Anal Plug is perfect for personal play. Concentrate on masturbating and let the plug do its work by setting the Power Box at a good level. At higher settings, the feelings can become intense. The anal plugs' versatility is limited only by your creative instinct. For example, you can connect one side of the lead to the anal plug and the other to a PES Penile Ring or Sparkler.

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Customer Reviews

Classic shape


One of the classic shapes for electric butt plugs, the central tapered section allows these devices to fuck you on each electro pulse as your sphincter contracts and loosens around it.

(Posted on 27/12/2015) Review by Sado BJ
A beautiful shape and incredible feeling


This is my favourite electric sex toy and is fun for both for anal and vaginal play.

The shape of the plug means as you turn it up the plug begins to fuck you of its own accord. What a turn on! The shape is really comfortable too which makes this good for long electro sessions.

(Posted on 25/03/2015) Review by Miss Pepper

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