Rubber Russian Gas Mask



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These are the real deal! Ex Army issue Russian military respirators in a used condition.

These are our most popular gas masks and are perfect for heavy rubber sessions, scent play and of course sensory deprivation.

Please note, these masks do not meet any security standard!

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Customer Reviews

The heights of Rubber ecstacy.


Wrapping this around my head has granted me so much pleasure over the years, it's snug fit and aspects of breath control have satisfied both my love for tight rubber and breathplay. it wears comfortably and feels so wonderful pressed against my head. Wearing this overnight to sleep in is such a thrill as well...I would highly recommend.

(Posted on 12/01/2017) Review by Tim
Sleek and stylish tight fit fantastic


Well what to say the Russian GP 5 was a mass produced gas mask and all in one hood it provides with a Snugfit and a interesting system where you breathe in and it prevents you from fogging this particular mask is the black version which is very rare and I highly recommend it as it is sleek and stylish another great product from the guys at Eagle leather

(Posted on 12/01/2017) Review by leather man

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