Get Hot with Fire Play by Newman Alexander

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Price From: $100.00

Seminar/Workshop: Get Hot with Fire Play!
Date and Time: Thursday 8th February, 7pm-11pm
Venue: Splinter Dungeon, 1A/17-19 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056

This seminar/workshop is limited to 24 people, bookings are required. This workshop will be approximately 4 hours duration.

Due to the active nature of this workshop, tickets are only available as couple or triad tickets for pre-negotiated partners. Unfortunately we are unable to sell single tickets for this class.

About this Workshop

Fire Play is an exquisite form of BDSM. It’s hot, sensual and very very sexy. It can be a form of lovemaking of its own and can also be added to your kinky play sessions to spice them up. From pleasure/pain to ritual magic, fire play is a brilliant way to get hot together.

To do Fire Play well, you need good technique and excellent concentration. In this practical evening class, internationally renowned BDSM educator Newman Alexander from London teaches you how to do fire play safely. It’s a start to finish class suitable for beginners to fire play. We’ll cover safety and technique and give you time to practice together.

At the end of the class, Newman will demonstrate what a Fire Ritual looks like, so you get a sense of where this wonderful form of kinky pleasure can go.

About Newman (formerly London Faerie)

Newman Alexander is one of Europe’s leading teachers of conscious sexuality. They are known for their compassionately direct approach, their clarity, their wisdom and their deep knowledge of BDSM.

Newman believes that BDSM can be a form of sacred practice, a place where we can connect with our highest self while still enjoying wild and passionate pleasure. Liberating our sexuality is a highly spiritual act, bringing us closer to who we truly are and enabling us to step more fully into our personal power. In doing so we become kinder, more compassionate and more focussed on serving others.

Newman’s approach focuses on the delicate dance between desires and boundaries. They encourage you to take risks and push out to the edge of your comfort zone, but also to step back when it gets overwhelming. They’ve found this to be a powerful way to grow into a stronger, more confident version of yourself.

Newman is the founder of Sacred Pleasures, a sex-positive community in London and the co-curator of The Summerhouse, a very cool sex festival in the English countryside. They have also presented their work in France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland and Ireland. This is their first visit to Australia and they’re very excited to meet you soon.

For more information about Newman, check out their website.


"A place to explore hidden desires, life purpose and radical authenticity without fear of being judged or pigeonholed"

An opportunity to try out or develop kinky skills in a genuinely sex-positive, open-minded, whole-hearted, welcoming, safe space, expertly led and run.” – Chris

“I had an extraordinary weekend. The workshop was impeccably led, supported, resourced and priced. Bloody perfect as far as I’m concerned. I shall be highly recommending it all around town. It was a lovingly held walk into the delicious unknown landscape of ecstatic BDSM. A place to make love in so many ways and learn more about myself through the doorways of pleasure and pain.”

“My partner and I recently had a 5-hour kink coaching session with Faerie (Newman), and we came away from it enriched in so many ways … we took away enough to practice for a few months, and we look forward to doing another session to take things to an even deeper, richer level.” – Kendall and Cupcake

“Faerie (Newman) provided a sizzling introduction for my partner to the ins and outs of BDSM, with myself as the test object. They did this in a sane and consensual manner, following an in-depth pre-session negotiation where every eventuality was considered before we entered The Pot.” – P. (London)

“Faerie (Newman) is highly skilled at SM and has an innate ability to clearly pass on their knowledge and wisdom to newbies and more experienced players alike.” – Claire Black, Ecstatic BDSM practitioner

“I really appreciated the safe space [that was] provided, the very pleasant personal behaviour, professionalism and overall the welcoming approach. I left the workshop totally blown away and full of excitement [...] [The workshop was] deep, juicy, inspiring, relaxed and safe. Thanks!”

“I felt very safe from the very beginning, which is important for me. What I have experienced on this workshop is truly indescribable. Big thanks to Faerie (Newman) and their team” – Lucie

Please note, tickets will not be mailed for this event. We will check off the list of attendees on the day.

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